October 16, 2019

031 - Overcoming Sin

We do not have to live as slaves to sin! In Jesus, we have been given the grace to overcome darkness! 

In this episode of the WordforWorship Podcast, we see how we can overcome sin and start living as true children of God. It is time to shine!

October 8, 2019

030 - The Presence of Jesus

The presence of Jesus can permeate every moment of your life.

You have been created to host, experience, and perceive the presence of Jesus in every moment of your day. Having been born again, you have become a new wine skin, a new garment...a new creation capable of carrying the presence and power of God into your everyday moments.

In this episode of the WordforWorship Podcast, we not only unpack this truth, but also expose the main obstacle that hinders us from experiencing this life promised to us by Jesus.

September 24, 2019

029 - A New Perspective Pt. 2

In this episode of the WordforWorship Podcast, we continue our look at the Gospel of Luke and the new perspective offered to us by Jesus. 

He is amazing!

September 17, 2019

028 - A New Perspective Pt. 1

Jesus is amazing!

Did you know that at every moment of the day, Jesus sees your divine destiny and calling? Seriously. He doesn't see you as a failure or someone He regrets creating. He sees you for who He has made you to be...no matter the circumstance you are currently in!

In this episode of the WordforWorship Podcast, we investigate this "New Perspective" and see how it can change our lives and the world around us. I know you will be encouraged!

Stepping out with Jesus can be a little nerve-racking! However, if we want to abide in the very real presence of Jesus, we have to go where he is going...into the world.

In this special episode of the WordforWorship Podcast, I share some miraculous things I have seen Jesus do in the past month. I hope these testimonies will invigorate you to step out with Jesus and walk with him into the world. We are the light of the world, let's shine!

In this episode of the WordforWorship Podcast, we take a look at the divine nature of Jesus. As we see Jesus for who He really is, our lives and our worship begin to fall into place. I hope this episode will invigorate you to go deeper in your intimacy with God. He is so good!

August 20, 2019

025 - A Full Deliverance

There is no "half-way" with Jesus. When he moves, He moves with power. When He speaks, nothing can remain the same.

In this episode of the WordforWorship Podcast, we see Jesus deliver a man who was full of leprosy. With one act of love, Jesus rescues a man who is lost, hurting, and hopeless. With one powerful word, Jesus fully delivers this man and gives him a future and a hope.

Are you in need of His deliverance? I have great news: Jesus is able and willing to meet your need. To all who call upon His name, He will save. He is so good!

August 13, 2019

024 - The Joy of Obedience

True joy in the Christian life is found in a life of obedience to Jesus and His word!

Far from a stale, "do-it-cause-I-have-to" sort of thing, obedience in Jesus is the gateway to adventure, purpose, and breakthrough in your life and in your world.

In this episode, we look at one of the most significant moments in Peter's life and how one act of obedience can change our lives forever. 


All authority in heaven AND on earth belongs to King Jesus. 

In this episode of the WordforWorship Podcast, we dive into a dramatic story in the Gospel of Luke. Jesus, exercising his full authority, reveals to us the fullness of power contained within His word.

Be encouraged, see the power of God in His word toward you who believe, and live a life abiding in the power and presence of Jesus! 


July 26, 2019

#022 - Alive in Jesus

In this episode, we take a detailed look at Philippians 3:3 and the confidence we can have because of Jesus. Because of His great love and sacrifice, we can live each day fully alive and full of joy. Renew your confidence in Jesus and watch Him transform your life!

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